Dec 15, 2009

Leave fall from the trees (untitled)

Leaves fall from the trees
Landing softly on the ground;
Birds are flying south
To find a warm place to live;
Snow is awaited by all.

Hope Hurts

Hope hurts.
To hope is to feel the lack,
To know the empty cavity inside.

The heart aches,
Longing for what is missing.
The emptiness calls to be filled,
Yet nothing comes to fill it.

Hope hurts.

Better not to hope.
Better to wall up the empty cavity,
To not know it's there.

Better half alive than to hope.

Hope hurts.

Going Away To College

I'm going away
In a couple of days.
I'm going away
For some time to stay.
I wanna go,
But I don't wanna leave.
I wanna know
What is going to be.
Will my friends write me
and stay friends with me?
Will I find new ones
As good as the old ones?
Will I be happy?
Will life be fair?
Will I still have
Somebody who cares?
I'm going away
In a couple of days,
And I hope that upon me
Friendship's eyes always gaze.

Holy Thursday Poem

I love you.
I love all that you are.
My inner child loves you.

The broken places in me
when you share the brokenness in you.

And yet, I see, you are strong and beautiful.
As, I have come to realize, so am I.

The sun shines by day (untitled)

The sun shines by day
And the stars shine down at night;
We watch from below.

What I Like About You

I love your fingers,
I love your smile,
I love your hair,
And I love your style.
I love to watch you play the bass.
I love the look upon your face.
You shine as bright as the noon-day sun.
Thinking of you is oh so fun.
My love for you I think is true,
And I hope that you will love me too.

(Mostly inspired by Rudy Sarzo, who at the time was the bass player for Whitesnake. Also partly inspired simply by a need to bring the poem to a close.)

Mixed messages (untitled)

Mixed messages
Two people sending each other mixed messages
Don't know what the other thinks
What's real?
Or is it all real in the moment,
reality changing moment to moment?

Lions in the grass (untitled)

Lions in the grass,
A tigress in the jungle,
A man to hunt them.

Mirror (untitled)

You are for me a mirror.
I look at you and see myself.
I learn about myself.
I would like to look at you and see you.


You're one year older,
One year wiser,
One year smarter,
And one year nicer.

You're one year more mature,
One year more experienced,
One year more interesting,
And one year closer to Heaven.

(written for a friend's 15th birthday, when I was around the same age.)

I don't trust him (untitled)

I don't trust him.
I think he doesn't trust me.
We like each other.
But trust is limited.
I want to learn to trust him.
But at least I am learning
to trust myself.

The English Language

The English language
Is so strange they say.
Or-ki-stra is spelt or-ches-tra,
Le-pard, le-o-pard,
And we have so many words
No one knows them all.

But it is my language,
Learned from my birth,
And, like God,
It makes sense if you know it.

My star in heaven (untitled)

my star in heaven
my angel
a sign for me
of goodness and beauty

The General

Came from Virginia,
A wealthy family,
Father was in the Revolution.

Went to West Point,
Graduated too.
Served in the army for many a year,
And freed his slaves.

But then war broke out
Between the North and the South,
And he had to fight for his state which he loved.

Fought hard and lost,
But it wasn't his fault.
Just wasn't on the winning side.

Retired, and died a few years after.
Not a full citizen again
'Til a century later.

Robert E. Lee.

I don't know how to put you into words (untitled)

I don't know how to put you into words.
I want to write a poem, and nothing comes.

If I could draw I'd paint a picture.
If I were a musician maybe I'd write a song.

But I'm a poet, and all I have are words.
Yet how can I capture you in words?


Filling the halls, the students come
Ready to start the new day,
In buses and cars, or walking on foot,
Doing homework along the way.

History, algebra, physical science,
Spanish, typing, and band;
Student are busy, working their problems,
And lending a helping hand.

When the bell rings at the end of the day
Students rush out of their rooms,
Shouting and screaming, banging their lockers,
And whistling a happy tune.

You overwhelm me (untitled)

You overwhelm me.
I don't know how to respond to you.
What is it you awaken in me?
Why do I like you so much.

Am I scared of myself?

(This poem is incomplete. The idea was more lines before the last line, but I didn't get back to it back then, and when I did I was no longer in the mental place to continue it.)

Through the Ages

(This is the first poem I ever wrote)

When I was none,
I ate a bun.

When I was one,
I liked to run.

When I was two,
I started loving you.

When I was three,
I chased a bee.

When I was four,
I loved you even more.

When I was five,
I found I bee hive.

When I was six,
I picked up some sticks.

When I was seven,
I learned about Heaven.

When I was eight,
I learned to skate.

When I was nine,
I saw a vine.

And now that I'm ten,
I'm learning again.

Dec 14, 2009

Honoring the Hurt

He brought me so much pain.
The goodness outweighs the pain.
Yet, the pain was real.
The mark it left is real.

Beautiful as a sunset (untitled)

Beautiful as a sunset
Beautiful as a star
Frustrating as a bitter cold day